1. Don’t be afraid to interview an attorney; ask them about their experience and background.

2. Look for a lawyer who will serve and partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

3. Gather any records, diaries, journals, ledgers, and documents you want your lawyer to review before meeting with your lawyer and keep them near at hand throughout the course of your case.

4. Encourage and support your lawyer; express your pleasure when you observe them being efficient, thorough or prompt; give them credit for successes and be kind about setbacks.

5. Work with your lawyer’s staff; they are trained to analyze your communications and bring those matters most vital to your case to the attorney’s attention.

6. Keep in regular contact with your lawyer’s office and always call prior to any appointments, whether they are online, at the office, the courthouse, or somewhere else; be sure your lawyer knows how to get in touch with you at all times.

7. Communicate with your lawyer in writing to keep them fully informed about your case, to raise any questions about the fees being charged, and to discuss any other matters that concern you.

8. When you call, leave your complete message with their assistant; this gives your lawyer time to review your file and have the answers you need ready.

9. Expect your lawyer to want to know everything; expect them to respond only to those items that are important to your case’s presentation.

10. Present yourself to your lawyer as someone who wants to work with them to solve your problems. Work and behave in ways that don’t create more problems.

11. Keep your account current; if that’s not possible, make other arrangements with your attorney about payments.

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