By Bruce Derman, Ph. D.

1. Willing to reflect a spirit of akido rather than engaging in karate.

2. Willing to accept the dual nature of mankind rather than playing favorites.

3. Willing to match power with power by making a commitment to collaborative divorce.

4. Willing for the clients to solve their own dilemmas rather than posing as experts who will supply all the answers.

5. Willing to expand the process to meet the needs of the couple rather than being attached to our own egos.

6. Willing to see the world through the eyes of our clients.

7. Willing to accept our own powerlessness.

8. Willing to treat all team members as equals.

9. Willing to commit to a path of mutual satisfaction on all issues.

10. Willing to accept agreements only if they include all four levels:

i) mental
ii) emotional
iii) physical
iv) spiritual   

Wow look at this!

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